Castellers Stone is a site-specific installation and animation about the human castling tradition in Gracia. The photo collage, a montage of Gracia's team rehearsing, is three meters wide and installed on the aged stone wall in the JiWar Artist Residency's garden in Barcelona, Spain. During the exhibition, a stop motion animation showing the motion of castelling was also on view. 

     This collage examines the entities of castelling: the pinya (base support of people), balance, courage, and seny (common sense of the human structure). The people are symbolic building blocks of architecture, like the stones holding up the wall. The mural's surface is both stable and references the past but also unstable, with the potential to crumble. The Castellers are moving architecture that continues to rebuild itself; a continuous cycle of construction, destruction, and reconstruction.


Site-Specific Inkjet Print on Stone Wall
3 m 25 cm x 1 m 45 cm

JiWar Residency
Barcelona, Spain